Sunday, 24 June 2007

Islam's treatment of non-Muslims

In the Caliphate of Hazrat Umer, radhiyallahu anhu, there was a very God-fearing Companion named Amr bin Saeed who was appointed the governer of Hims and he accepted on the condition that he will not take any salary for his service. There were a number of Christian dhimmi's under his governance at the time and one day, in anger, he said to one of them 'May God disgrace you!'. Immediately he began to wonder whether he had a right to say that and, finding that he didn't, went to see the Ameer-ul-Mumineen Hazrat Umer and gave his resignation saying 'If I didn't have this governance, those words would not have been said that caused hurt to the Christian'

(Islam mey madh'habi rawadaari pg 326)


True Life said...

Subhan'Allah, what a great lesson for all of us is hidden in this little story/anecdote.

May Allah Ta'ala give us the tawfiq to follow these examples. Ameen!

Sanix said...

Very good work MashaAllah .. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Do you have examples of good treatment of muslim rulers to their polytheist subjects?

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the Basair blog?

Bint Jameel said...

hmm..yes the Basair blog seems to have evaporated. I have no idea why though. Perhaps he's starting another one.

Bint Jameel said...

Polytheist subjects?

Well firstly, The treatment shown by the Companion in the story is such that applies to all people, so if instead of a Christian he had said something to a Hindu, it would be the same in his eyes.

Secondly, the ruler of the Muslim rulers, the man whom every Muslim seeks to emulate, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)was subjected to great torture tribulation by the polytheistic Makkans. They left no stone unturned - from spitting at him in the streets to plotting to assasinate him - and when he (peace be upon him) achieved victory over them in the Conquest of Makkah, his conduct was exemplary. He said to the inhabitants of Makkah 'There is no blame on you today. Go! You are all free' (Seerah ibn Hisham, Zad ul Ma'ad, Zarqaani)

That is Islam's treatment of polytheists.