Saturday, 19 May 2007

Wisdom of the Kids...

A blonde-haired, blue-eyed (rather podgy as well) non-Muslim girl, 7, talks to a black-haired, brown-eyed (and not too thin either, mind) Muslim girl, 7.

Non-Muslim girl: What are you doing?
Muslim girl: (hiding her rice-covered hands) nothing
NM girl: OMG, do you eat with your hands?
M girl:
NM girl: then why are they like that? Anyway...have you ever been ill?
M girl: errr...yes
NM Girl, well I've got a disease
M girl:
NM girl: yeah..a disease...the doctor said it's called ADHD

(for those who don't know, Attention Deficit Disorder, the most destruction it can cause is get a teacher to kick you out of class)

M girl: ooookaaay...
NM girl: that's what the doctor said, he did
M girl: uh-huh
NM girl I might die...
M girl (finally impressed) oh really!
NM: (triumphant) yeah!

Now the question is, as a Muslim, are you as unafraid of death as this one here?


Ahmed said...

Jazakallah for this thought provoking post and for stopping by my blog to comment.
Can I request you to link up my blog and up here?

Anonymous said...

mashallah sister please bring out the message to youths more. Madiha.d.

Munzareen said...

hmm.. well they are 7. and you know kids like to compare cuts and scrapes and all of that to see who is the "toughest." seems like that type of situation to me.

but of course, tis true I suppose. often we speak of death in abstract terms and not as a reality.